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What does Thunderbolt Mean for the Mac?

In late February Apple announced a new line of MacBook Pros with a new interface, Thunderbolt. Now, just over 2 months later Apple has release it’s second line of products with Thunderbolt. However, there is still not a single Thunderbolt product on the market. So why is Thunderbolt such a big deal? First lets take […]

New Apple TV?

There have been many rumors of an new or updated Apple TV to be announced tomorrow at Apple’s media event. There are several things to consider leading up to the event. Geeky make has make many posts about getting rid of traditional TV and switching to an IP bases model. There are two things to […]

Apple to Release AppleTV 3.0 Today?

The iTunes store wants using to agree to a new terms and conditions policy. Listed in the changes a 2 items, the ability to use iTunes LPs and iTunes Extras on Apple TV with software version 3.0 or higher. And they have clarified how and when film rentals can be moved between devices. “Apple TV […]

What to Expect at WWDC

What can Apple fans expect to come out of WWCD? While the World Wide Developers Conference is a week of seminars and training for Apple developers world wide, we can expect many announcements in the keynote address on Monday. Two things are likely: 1. OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard will be demoed, and the release […]

Rumored Apple Tablet, Same Form-Factor as iPhone?

Rumors of an alleged Apple tablet have been circulating for years. At the same time rumors of an Apple netbook have been picking up speed. What are the odds that Apple with release two such devices? Geeky Mac has reason to believe that both these rumored devices will be the same product in the end. […]

Rumors of Final Cut Studio 3 Emerge

Several rumors have been circulating about the next version of Final Cut Pro and and Studio. Several sites have been circulating information rumors about the upcoming version of Final Cut Studio. Since the introduction of Final Cut Pro, at the National Association of Broadcasters convention in 1999, FCP has been upgraded about every 2 years. […]

New MacBooks & MacBook Pros?

The rumors have been out there from some time now. I have to admit that I was not a believer. And until Apple announced the event themselves I was still very skeptical. The fact of the maters is Tuesday October 14th, something big is going to happen. There are a few things that we know, […]

Apple Lets Rock Event September 9th

It’s no secret the Apple had planed an September event, but is secret is what will be announced. Invitations have started circulating to various journalists in the technology community. The rumors are again circulating, and it looks like there will be two major announcements. A new longer and widescreen iPod nano, and iTunes 8. A […]

3G iPhone Confirmed?

Geeky Mac recived an email from Zag, the makers of the Invisible Shield. Do they know something that we don’t. Pre-Order the invisibleSHIELD for the new 3G iPhone and get 20% off The next generation of iPhone is almost here, and everyone is excited to see Apple’s latest and greatest device. Blogs and message boards […]

The Calm Before the Apple Storm

It seams as all is quiet in the Apple world, which can only mean one thing… Major Apple announcements are on the way. With the WWDC just around the corner, and a confirmed Steve Jobs keynote, there is not telling what might be announced. While there is still much speculation, the iPhone will most definitely […]