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Archive for the 'Final Cut Pro Tips & Tricks' Category

Final Cut Pro Tip #052 – Syncing Templates

Final Cut Pro X has given created a very powerful way to create templates using Motion. The drawback, however, is that it’s not easy to move the templates from computer to computer when working on more than one system. Luckily todays world is filled with many cloud syncing options for us to take advantage of. […]

Final Cut Pro Tip #051 – Create a Disk Image of your Camera Card

Create a Disk Image of your Camera Card I can’t begin to tell you how many times a shooter has handed me a drive with all the footage from a big shoot only to find out, they didn’t copy the correct files. While some formats are more forgiving than others, I wanted to take the […]

Final Cut Pro Tip #050 – Using Disk Images to Manage Media in Final Cut Pro X

Using Disk Images to Manage Media in Final Cut Pro X Final Cut Pro X has given editors some new methods for media management. It can be an obstacle to change from the pervious FCP (7 and earlier) way of working to the new method used in X. However, once you get it figured out, […]

Final Cut Pro Tip #049

This is Geeky Mac’s first Final Cut Pro X tip! Conforming frame rates to get flawless slow-motion with over cranked footage. There are an abundance of cameras and format out there these days. From different resolutions to different frame rates, it’s hard to keep tack of it all. Luckily FCP X makes it easy for […]

Final Cut Pro Tip #048

Take advantage of an external drive to help re-capture and media manage footage for final edit. Okay, here’s the situation. Your client did a preliminary edit and captured footage themselves. They bring you a drive with a ton of footage, some of the stuff is good, but some needs to be recaptured. Sounds like this […]

Final Cut Pro Tip #047

The New Window Burn Final Cut Pro has always had the ability to add a timecode window burn to a clip or sequence. The problem is, that took an extra step or two. The sequence would have to be rendered and then exported. Sure if you were going to tape this is no big deal, […]

Final Cut Pro Tip #046

Use Master Templates to make Multiple Graphics a Breeze So have you have worked on a show with a ton of CGs? Lets say lower thirds, for people’s name and whatever else the director wants to note. It can be a real pain the you know what. But using a Master Template and Motion, can […]

Final Cut Pro Tip #045

Use Timecode in Quicktime In the 7.1.6 update to QuickTime, Apple was kind enough to give us the ability to view timecode right inside of the application. This is a really nice feature, because FCP editors do not have to export a window burn for client review any longer. As long as the QuickTime move […]

Final Cut Pro Tip #044

Quickly Move Clips Between Tracks While Keeping the Same Timing As many Final Cut Pro techniques are concerned, there is more that one way to get things done. Way back in Final Cut Pro Tip #002 we discussed how to use the shift drag technique to move a clip from track to track without moving […]

Final Cut Pro Tip #043

Match Frame to Source File As mentioned in tip #30, the match frame feature in Final Cut Pro can be very handy for quickly getting back to a master clip. To quickly recap, the f key will match the frame of the playhead, in the timeline or canvas, to the same frame of the master […]