Final Cut Pro Tip #048

Take advantage of an external drive to help re-capture and media manage footage for final edit.

Okay, here’s the situation. Your client did a preliminary edit and captured footage themselves. They bring you a drive with a ton of footage, some of the stuff is good, but some needs to be recaptured.

Sounds like this can turn into a mess, but there is a very easy solution to make this work efficiently and quickly.

Step one, ask your client to media manage their project to the drive that they want to bring to you. Make sure that they do not delete unused media. While this is helpful to help optimize unused footage it can also cause some conflicts in this process.

Step two, load the clients drive off of the drive that they brought you. There should be no problems linking files at this point, if there are you’ve got bigger fish to fry. For the sake so simplicity lets say that there are no issues. Now go though the media that needs to be re-digitized. You can use the column heading to organize by reel.

Since you are editing off of another RAID volume, you will have a separate drive set up as you capture scratch disk. Make sure that you have the correct easy preset selected.

Step three, batch capture the media that you selected is step two. Obviously this might take some time…

Step four, make sure that the media captured correctly. Now you are ready to media manage again. This project file is already aware that the new media you just captured is on the drive you are going to move the rest of your files to. This will avoid copying duplicate files. Now media manage again. This time you can delete unused media if you want to conserve space.

The media should copy to your edit RAID, and you should be ready to start your clean up edit. Be sure to remove the clients drive and check that all you media links up properly.

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