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Five Secrets to Create an Effective Promotional Video

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then what is a video worth? Videos can be an extremely effective way to promote products and services. It allows you to engage with your audience, entertaining them, while engaging their senses. Over the years I’ve discovered many secrets about how to create a highly effective promotional […]

Reordering Mail Accounts in Mountain Lion (10.8)

Mountain Lion (OS 10.8) has brought many improvements, new features and functionality to Mac users. But unfortunately, as with most upgrades, it all bring changes. One particular change has accrued in the Apple Mail application. If you use multiple mail accounts, as I do, you want to be able to have the option to select […]

Final Cut Pro Tip #050 – Using Disk Images to Manage Media in Final Cut Pro X

Using Disk Images to Manage Media in Final Cut Pro X Final Cut Pro X has given editors some new methods for media management. It can be an obstacle to change from the pervious FCP (7 and earlier) way of working to the new method used in X. However, once you get it figured out, […]

How to Copy an Application’s Icon in OS X

From time to time you might need to use an application’s icon for various reasons. Use this tip to quickly save a PNG File of the application icon. Saving the image as a PNG allows you to preserve the alpha channel so you can keep the icon’s transparency for use in various graphic application. Watch […]

Move Files in Finder with Keyboard Shortcut

When Lion was released, a new feature was added to the finder, making it easy to move files from one place to another. While the Mac has always had the ability to drag and drop files, there are many situations where this method of moving files is not efficient. Because the finder is a single […]

Restore Safari Session

These days most of us live in our browsers. While there are many options out there Apple’s Safari provides many features that are useful and save you time. Services like iCloud, so you can sync your bookmarks between mac and devices, make Safari an easy choice. One of the features that is not unique to […]

Adjust web page width in Safari while in full screen mode

Found this nice little trick to improve your browsing experience while using Safari in full screen mode in Lion. Some web pages have a fixed width, while others adjust to the full width of your screen. For these sites, it can be a bit to much especially while using a large wide screen monitor. But […]

Use AppleScript to Quickly Change File Names in Lion

Back in 2006 I wrote about how to quickly change item names in the finder using Apple Scripts. Well when Snow Leopard came out, the Finder scrips that were used to create this were no longer included. Desperately missing this feature I was able to resurrect the scripts, and now you can do the same. […]

Adding an Audio Track to a QuickTime Movie

Apple has provided this handy support article: You can easily add audio and other tracks to a QuickTime movie. To add an audio track to a movie: In QuickTime Player, choose File > Open File and select the audio file you want to import. In the QuickTime Player window that opens, choose Edit > Select […]

iTunes Store Tops Three Billion Song

CUPERTINO, California—July 31, 2007—Apple® today announced that more than three billion songs have been purchased and downloaded from the iTunes® Store (www.itunes.com). iTunes is the world’s most popular online music, TV and movie store featuring a catalog of over five million songs, 550 television shows and 500 movies. iTunes recently surpassed Amazon and Target to […]