Restore Safari Session

These days most of us live in our browsers. While there are many options out there Apple’s Safari provides many features that are useful and save you time. Services like iCloud, so you can sync your bookmarks between mac and devices, make Safari an easy choice.

One of the features that is not unique to Safari, but is useful non-the-less, is the ability to use tabs. With several tabs open you can easily view several sites at once in an organized fashion. The ⌘ W keyboard shortcut to close the current tab. This makes closing pages easy when you are done and ready to move on to the next tab. The problem is that W is right next to Q on the keyboard. If you are like me and move quickly, you’ve probably hit the ⌘ Q a couple times by accident.

The good news is Safari has made it easy to fix this mistake. Under the history menu there is a new option that allows you to reopen all windows from the last session. This is invaluable not only in you accidentally quit Safari, but need to bail out for any reason, or just pick up where you left off the next day.