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Cutting the Cable

In late 2005 I purchased my first HDTV. Since then I’ve become somewhat obsessed with the quality of HDTV and the incredible content that is now available to consume. I work in the film/video industry, so this technology is something that I deal with in some form on a daily basis. This also means that […]

Apple TV Take 3 – DVR?

Rumors have been popping up about an Apple DVR. While this is very exciting, it is also an interesting step towards the way we watch TV. Apple has always catered, or at least adopted, by creative professionals. It only makes sense that they help consumer bring creative working into their homes. Wether it be songs […]

HDHomeRun for Mac – Network-connected HD tuner from Elgato

Munich/San Francisco, July 24, 2007 – Elgato Systems today announces an exclusive Mac-compatible bundle of the SiliconDust HDHomeRun network TV tuner with the award-winning EyeTV 2 software. The HDHomeRun hardware is an unique centralized networked digital TV tuner that can be shared by any Mac on a LAN. Its dual tuners allow two users to […]

High Definition in 2007 – A Rant and A Rave, But There’s More to Come…

It’s no secret that High Definition televisions and programming are becoming increasingly abundant. Flat-screen TVs are at all time low prices, which makes HD obtainable for just about everyone. One large issue remains, getting the HD into the home. We have all heard of HD DVD and Blu-Ray, and I am sure that we have […]

HDTV, The Future Of TV

At this point in time, I think it is safe to say that we have all heard of HDTV. But is it safe to assume that we all understand what HDTV is? The fact is that there is a lot of confusion, and misinformation about HDTV out there.

Comcast HD DVR 30 Second Skip

These instructions are for the Motorola HD DVR DTC6412 and the Comcast On Demand Remote (Comcast URC-106XXXXX Silver Remote). This tip was found at Wikibooks and is a great resource about the Motorola DVR. You will find the following tip, as well as a plethora of other information there.

Record Shows from your Comcast HD DVR onto your Mac

I have gotten a lot of great response from a post about how to fix a problem with muting and the Comcast DVR. So I thought that I would share another great tip about the cool box, how to get the video off of it and onto your Mac. I currently have two of these […]

Comcast HD DVR Mute Fix

If you have Comcast, and an HD DVR you might find that there is a weird mute issue that makes everything not so Comcastic! If you come home and had set the DVR to record, and then turn on the TV, the DVR has muted itself. Unfortunately the Comcast remote will not disable the mute […]