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Reordering Mail Accounts in Mountain Lion (10.8)

Mountain Lion (OS 10.8) has brought many improvements, new features and functionality to Mac users. But unfortunately, as with most upgrades, it all bring changes. One particular change has accrued in the Apple Mail application. If you use multiple mail accounts, as I do, you want to be able to have the option to select […]

Patience is a Virtue: Hacked iPhone Users!

When the iPhone first came out, you couldn’t help hear about it. In fact I was practically a celebrity the first week. The buzz was definitely there. By week two, criticism started to arise. There was a definite lack of features, and a very quickly growing demand for these. Now Apple limited themselves in two […]

Play Almost Anything in QuickTime

We’ve all been there. We get a email from a friend with a funny video, that we just have to see. The problem is we can’t open it in QuickTime. Okay, no problem lets try VLC. Wait, it doesn’t work in VLC either, what now?

Run FCP 4.5 on an Intel Mac – If You Really Want To

I was surfing and came across this great post about hacking FCP 4.5 on an Intel Mac. It is definitely worth sharing.