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Wahoo Fitness TICKR X Review

Over the years I’ve used several different heart rate monitors. Most of them offer the same features, the biggest difference was connectivity. A heart rate monitor is useless unless you can actually see that data, so connectivity is a huge factor. My frist experience with a heart rate monitor was with a Nike + system. […]

CalDigit HDPro vs Apple Xserve RAID

by Jared Picune – Creativecow Leader and Editor/President of Idea Spring Editing, Inc. Often overlooked, video storage has always been a central and essential part of any edit system. While the type of media may change from one edit bay to the next, the need remains the same; fast reliable storage. Over the […]

The Daily Plate Helps You Loose Weight

The Daily Plate – Geek Factor 5 While kind of geeky, but not necessarily Mac related, The Daily Plate is an incredible site to help you eat healthy and stay in shape. So why bring it up on Geeky Mac? Because I am sure that most of us spend more than a fair amount of […]

An Exciting Look at the CalDigit S2VR Duo

CalDigit S2VR Duo – Geek Factor 5 The CalDigit S2VR Duo system is a stunningly sleek and powerful RAID, perfect for the demanding Final Cut Pro editor. This little box packs a big punch, and with a quick and easy installation process, no edit suite should be without one (or two). It literally takes more […]