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Jared Picune
Editor & Contributing Writer

Jared Picune is a creative and technical aficionado. With a passion for good design, motion graphics and video, Jared has built a career making the most of his passion.

Early in his career Jared worked for a handful of companies in Denver. There he provided services from multimedia, 3D Animation, Motion Graphics and Editorial Services. In 2002 Jared co-founded Idea Spring Editing Inc., a small yet successful editorial facility located in Denver. Jared worked with numerous clients on a variety of different projects, including the critically acclaimed Baby Einstein series for Disney.

In 2006 Jared started a blog with tips and instructional content focused on the video and creative industries, Geeky Mac. This lead to new opportunities and in 2007 Jared starting consulting for different companies in the video post production industry. Shortly after Jared accepted a position as Vice President of Sales and Marketing for CalDigit, Inc. In 2011, Jared spent most of the year in Oxford, England opening the CalDigit European headquarters. Today Jared focuses on his passion, providing creative and technical services to a variety of clients at Picune Creative and continues to run Geeky Mac.


Jerry Hofmann
Contributing Writer

During his 32 year professional show business career, Jerry has become an award winning theatrical actor, TV and film editor, writer, director and producer. He started his pro career as a theatrical producer, director and actor. He founded his first television and film production company in Los Angeles in 1978. During those years, he produced hundreds of TV Commercials, industrial films, as well as broadcast television shows. Currently, he is a partner in Bat-Mann Productions. Their clients range from product manufacturers to development of feature films, as well as industrial clients which include Merck Pharmaceuticals and the National Jewish Medical Research Center.

Jerry has produced in excess of 600 projects. He was a beta tester for Avid, helping them develop the world’s premier non-linear editing solutions.

For the past couple of years he has been teaching part-time at The Colorado Film and Video Instructional Studios, a joint facility shared by the Aurora Community College and the University of Colorado at Denver in the art and craft of production and post production in a laboratory with 20 Final Cut Pro bays.

He received his BA in Theater and a BA in Communications (emphasis on TV and Film Production) from the University of Denver.