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Five Secrets to Create an Effective Promotional Video

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then what is a video worth? Videos can be an extremely effective way to promote products and services. It allows you to engage with your audience, entertaining them, while engaging their senses. Over the years I’ve discovered many secrets about how to create a highly effective promotional […]

Cutting the Cable

In late 2005 I purchased my first HDTV. Since then I’ve become somewhat obsessed with the quality of HDTV and the incredible content that is now available to consume. I work in the film/video industry, so this technology is something that I deal with in some form on a daily basis. This also means that […]

Bill Maher on the iPhone [VIDEO]

Video from of Bill Maher, from Real Time on Sept. 14, 2007. Maher talks about how Apple cut the cost of the iPhone $200, only two months after it’s relase. This video is totally worth it, enjoy! New rule; stop bitching that Apple Cut the price of the iPhone. Early adopters always pay a premium, […]