Five Secrets to Create an Effective Promotional Video

Final-CutIf a picture is worth a thousand words, then what is a video worth? Videos can be an extremely effective way to promote products and services. It allows you to engage with your audience, entertaining them, while engaging their senses. Over the years I’ve discovered many secrets about how to create a highly effective promotional video. Here are five of the most effective.
Keep it short. The internet has created an invaluable distribution network for video, however consumption time via this medium is short. Most people will not watch videos over 5 minutes online. I think two and a half minutes is the sweet spot. It’s still long enough to cram a lot of content without boring the viewer.
Entertain. You need to entertain your viewer in a way that’s effective. Comedy is difficult, but very effective. If humor isn’t appropriate make sure to entice the viewer in an entertaining way. Perhaps start with a question, making the viewer want to stick around to find out the answer.
Story. You need to tell a story, even if the video is short. Make sure to have a beginning middle and ending, no matter what the message is.
Quality. Viewers are used to blockbuster movies with humungous budgets. Obviously a short promo video can never match that production value, but viewers expect to see quality. Make it looks and sounds good.
Distribution. If the video is meant to promote, make sure it’s visible to the right audience. You can’t just upload a video to YouTube and expect it to have viewers. You need to promote your video via Facebook, Twitter or other social media outlets to make sure it gets to the correct audience. Facebook shares can be one of the most effect distribution methods, aim to get shares and watch the views snowball.
These secrets have helped me distribute successful promotional videos over the years. Remember each video is different and what worked well for one subject might not work for another. Variety is the spice of life, keep your videos unique and you’ll find success.