Reordering Mail Accounts in Mountain Lion (10.8)

Mountain Lion (OS 10.8) has brought many improvements, new features and functionality to Mac users. But unfortunately, as with most upgrades, it all bring changes. One particular change has accrued in the Apple Mail application. If you use multiple mail accounts, as I do, you want to be able to have the option to select which account to send from. While the functionality is still there in Moutain Lion, the way you interact with has changed.

You used to be able to go in the the Mail preferences, select the accounts tab and reorder the order of the account you want in the column on the left. In Mountain Lion, you are unable to reorder the accounts. Why is this important? When sending mail from multiple accounts you want to be able to select the proper account. The key is you want the default account to be the account you use the most often. This way you are not have to change accounts all the time.

To achieve this in Mountain Lion, you need to do it in the main mail window. In the mailboxes column on the left, you’ll need or order the account in the order you want them to. For example, I would like my work account to be on top.

Once you’ve got the order set the way you want it, you’ll need to quit and re launch mail for the changes to take place. One caveat is that if you make changes to the accounts the order may change, and you’ll have to repeat these steps.