How to Copy an Application’s Icon in OS X

From time to time you might need to use an application’s icon for various reasons. Use this tip to quickly save a PNG File of the application icon. Saving the image as a PNG allows you to preserve the alpha channel so you can keep the icon’s transparency for use in various graphic application.

Watch the video and follow the instructions below to get started.

    Follow these steps:

  • Select the application that you wan’t to take the icon from.
  • Select get info from the file menu you or press ⌘ i.
  • Select the icon in the upper right corner and copy it. Edit menu then copy or ⌘ c.
  • Now open Preview.
  • In preview go to the file menu and select New from Clipboard.
  • The icon will open in preview.
  • Now save the file, File save or ⌘ s.
  • Save the file as a PNG and make sure Alpha is checked to preserve transparency. Name the file what you want and save it to the desired destination.
  • You can now open the file and work with the icon.

Be sure you have the proper permission to use the application icon before using this tip.