CalDigit San launched at NAB 2008

(Placentia, California–April 23, 2008) CalDigit showcased its unique SAN solution at the 2008 NAB show in Las Vegas. 2 MacPro workstations were connected to the CalDigit Switch and then with 4 HDPro units, played back 2K footage in real-time under Xsan 2 to manage data on CalDigit’s storage.

The CalDigit SAN software is in development now & it will be cross platform and user-friendly.

The CalDigit SAN takes advantage of ePCIe (eLane) with it’s CalDigit Switch, rather than the traditional fiber channel solution route. ePICe has a 20Gb/s bandwidth compared to the 4Gb/s bandwidth of fibre.


The CalDigit switch is also ascendable which means that you can attach as many units to it as you need, for easy expansion. Currently 2 users can access the same media at the same time, even the same project file. The CalDigit SAN enables multiple Mac workstations and Xserve systems to share CalDigit’s HDPro volumes over a high-speed ePICe network.

The extra bandwidth that you can achieve with ePCIe means that you can do even more. Imagine the same 2K footage being played back simultaneously.
The power of the HDPro is what makes the CalDigit SAN so impressive. With the 16 port device to the new optical interface, will allow cable lengths up to 300m.

From the small boutique studio to major broadcast facilities, speed, protection and the ability to share are all necessities. The CalDigit SAN solution makes this possible and for a fraction of the cost that of traditional fibre solution. What makes the CalDigit SAN so powerful is it’s extremely fast bandwidth. The 20Gb/s can sustain 2K footage of multiple workstations.


Another unique feature of the CalDigit SAN solution is the ability to add a mobile device. CalDigit has engineered a ePCIe ExpressCard 34 card for those users with a MacBook Pro. This means that the SAN is compatible with a laptop.