New Apple TV?

There have been many rumors of an new or updated Apple TV to be announced tomorrow at Apple’s media event. There are several things to consider leading up to the event.


Geeky make has make many posts about getting rid of traditional TV and switching to an IP bases model. There are two things to consider. First, the TV needs to stay in the living room, people will watch shows on the computer. The average time tough is about 5 minutes. The younger generation is used to consuming differently, however, but as computers change I think a reclined entertainment experience will be demanded. Second, content has to be affordable and easy to get. Apple can make both happen with the new Apple TV.

Live TV will always be around, and now with digital reception it’s easy to get. For news and sporting events this is a must. But today’s TV’s can already accommodate this. What about channels like Discovery and the Food Network. These networks contain programing that is interesting, however is unlikely to be purchased individually. Do we need to provide streaming networks? Or do we subscribe to on demand networks? The issue will need to be sorted, but rest assured that Apple has done it’s research. In dealing with networks they will be on the path, however we are likely not there yet.

So what will be the answer. I don’t think we’ll get one. This will be another step forward into a new way of consuming. Apple is smart enough not over complicate a device like the Apple TV, and they know content is king. So $.99 TV shows would be a welcome addition, and even some apps. All in all the Apple TV is simple and needs to stay that way, the important info is what will Apple serve as content? Netflix, HBO, ABC streaming? That could be huge. I use the Netflix and ABC app on the iPad, but I don’t always want to watch there. To get these into the living room changes everything!