New MacBooks & MacBook Pros?

The rumors have been out there from some time now. I have to admit that I was not a believer. And until Apple announced the event themselves I was still very skeptical. The fact of the maters is Tuesday October 14th, something big is going to happen. There are a few things that we know, and much that we don’t.

The Brick
So we know that the may be a new manufacturing process being used. This is interesting because the case of the new notebook is believed to be carved out of a “brick” of aluminum. This will make the case stronger and easier to assemble, by avoiding extra parts.

The spotlight turns to notebooks
The invitation to the October 14th event simply says “The spotlight turns to notebooks”. Literally we can assume that this announcement mean that the “focus” will be on new notebooks. This is interesting because notebooks are generally release at Macworld in January. Personally I think Apple is changing the way they release new products. They don’t need to do things in only a few events every year. Sure they will still make announcements at Macworld, but they will spread things out too. This way they can be sure to be ready, and they get more press coverage too.

Back to the team “spotlight” though, what does this really mean. There has been a lot of focus on media lately. Apple has a product called the Apple TV, which is loved by many, but never a truly break out product. The iTunes store is now the number one music retailer in the US. What about all the great movies, and TV shows, is that the next steep? Is this what spotlight means?

Some rumors have surfaced talking about an actual LCD TV from Apple. Since this event says “The spotlight turns to notebooks” I’m confident that the focus will only be on notebooks. But I’m sure that there will be some new feature that will have something to do with media. Maybe the option for Blu-ray, which is very likely.

I really feel that there will be something else cool too. We now can do HD TV shows, so my guess it that it has something to do with that. But I guess we’ll just have to wait until Tuesday to know for sure.