The Calm Before the Apple Storm

It seams as all is quiet in the Apple world, which can only mean one thing… Major Apple announcements are on the way.

With the WWDC just around the corner, and a confirmed Steve Jobs keynote, there is not telling what might be announced. While there is still much speculation, the iPhone will most definitely be a key topic. But will there be a surprise announcement? It’s hard to tell for sure, but we here at Geeky Mac think not. The fact of the matter is there is a lot to talk about with the iPhone. Finally support for third party application, and lets not forget that the WWDC is not a forum for new products. Sure Apple has released new stuff there in the past, but it has always been on the side of development and not for general consumers.

The chances of an iPhone surprise are good though. Lets face it Apple is good about not letting the entire cat out of the bag. There is just enough speculation to create buzz and demand. It’s enough to drive an Apple fan crazy, but with no real information at all. This makes Apple announcements exciting and surprising all at once. At this point we’ll have to wait for early June to see what is next.

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