What to Expect at WWDC

What can Apple fans expect to come out of WWCD? While the World Wide Developers Conference is a week of seminars and training for Apple developers world wide, we can expect many announcements in the keynote address on Monday.

Two things are likely:

1. OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard will be demoed, and the release date will be announced. Why 10.6 will not ship, because information from many developers working with Apple have noted that licensing paperwork has not yet been completed. This mean that we can see Snow Leopard soon, but it will likely not be released at WWDC.

2. iPhone OS 3.0. This is no surprise. Apple has been busy working working on this release and it’s really been no secret. We’ll likely see this released next week.

As for other announcements, it’s hard to tell for sure. The silence that Apple is known for makes judging what to come very difficult. Rumors have shed light on 3 possible devices; A new iPhone, and Apple Tablet, and an Apple Netbook. While the iPhone is the most likely, it’s very possible that there may not be many improvements and capacities and pricing changes may be more signifiant.