Final Cut Pro Tip #013

Final Cut Pro Tip #013 – Column Layout

Much like button bars, you can customize the way that you columns appear in the browser window. You can add or remove columns, rearrange their order, and save a load different layouts.

To access these setting simply right click (or control click) on the column headers in the browser window. You will get a contextual menu that looks the the image below. This does not work over the name header and you must be in list mode for this to work. Use the simple drag and drop technique to reorder the columns and to resize them. You can hide columns in the same way, just be sure to right click on the column you want to hide and select hide coulmn. Once you have your browser window the way you like it simply save your settings, and you can reload them just as easily. The column layout information is saved in the Final Cut Pro User Data folder (same place as your preferences).

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