AJA Releases KONA v3 Software!

From AJA:

Immediately available on our website is new version 3.0 software for the current KONA products. This is a huge release that contains many new features. Please be sure to read the provided Read-Me, as there is important new installation information (not contained in this post).

Features and Fixes, from the provided Read-Me:

*New Features*
All KONAs (KONA LS/LSe, LH/LHe, KONA 3, and KONA 2)

– Universal Binary build of KONA software, supports new Intel-based
Mac Pro Desktop computers. A maximum of 2GB of system RAM is currently supported.
– DPXtoQuicktime and QuicktimeToDPX utilities are now included as part of the standard installation. They are put in the “Kona Utilities” folder automatically at installation.
– QuickTime codec playback support expanded to include QuickTime files in the Avid (DV and Meridien) codecs. Please note: these codecs are not included in the AJA installer package; you must supply them on your own. For playback of Avid Meridien codec QuickTime media, you must explicitly set the video output to RGB mode. Avid QuickTime codec support is for playback of previously encoded media and does not mean that the KONA card can be used as a capture card for any type of software-only version of Avid.
– Ability to set Color Range tags in DPXtoQTTranslator.

*KONA 3, KONA LH/LHe, and KONA 2*

– Added 525i23.98 format to KONA Control Panel format choices.
– Added 720p23.98 format to KONA Control Panel format choices (KONA 3 and 2 only).
– Added new up-conversion choice: 525i23.98 to 1080psf23.98 (KONA 3 and KONA 2 only).
– Added new down-conversion choice: 1080psf23.98 to 525i23.98.
– Added new cross-conversion choice: 720p23.98 to 1080psf23.98 (KONA 3 only).
– Support for Custom LUT files (KONA 3 and 2 only).
– Faster video switching between some formats (KONA 3 and 2 only).
– Ability to use downstream keyer graphics with RGB frame buffer formats (KONA 3 only).
– Downstream keyer support for cropped 2K formats (KONA 3 only).

*Improvements and Fixes*

– Improved 3/2 pulldown captures.
– Direct switching between apps that use KONA video.
– 10 RGB bit render to black problem fixed.
– Improved auto-format-select in KonaTV.
– Burn-in timecode correctly shows colon or semi-colon.

The installers can be found on the support section of website, at http://www.aja.com/html/support.html