We Have an iPhone! (VIDEO)

So after a short, three hour wait in line, Geeky Mac has been able to obtain an iPhone. So far so good, no major surprises. And with the numerous reviews popping up every minute, I am going to spare everyone the gory details. While I am, and it should be rather obvious, an Apple fan boy, I want to look at this phone from outside the reality distortion field.

So with that being said, here are my thoughts.

I love the iPhone! Easy to use, fast, sexy and thin. Apple knows how to make a good product that will not disappoint and they did just that with the iPhone. However, living in a Mac world there are several things that I have been accustom to. And for many Windows users, the switch may make them feel a bit out of place. This is how I feel about some of the iPhone features. I have used Nokia phones since 1999, with one Sony Ericsson somewhere in the middle. I have to think a bit differently when using the iPhone. This is not a bad thing though.

And for the sake of simplicity I am not going to talk about what I love, which is just about everything, but about what I don’t like.

I hate the iPod interface, specifically the back, forward play buttons. Sure they are big and easy to touch, but they lack that very stylistic Apple touch that the rest of the phone has.

I could not get on the internet for the first few hours of having the phone. I reset the thing and all worked great. Also I have had trouble connecting to some Wi-Fi networks, that should work no problem. I have not investigated further at this point.

Speed tests of the EDGE network get me 156k, while Wi-Fi at a 1.5Mbps connection gets me 1256k. EDGE does feel slow, like everyone says, but for a mobile device, I am satisfied, but not blown away.

Cannot get voicemail to work. Don’t know if it is an AT&T problem or what. Very annoying right now, and can’t seam to find any answers.

I had some weird issues playing back a few podcasts. They would pause in the middle and then reset back to an earlier time. Very annoying, and I am not sure what the problem was. When listening I was doing other things, and this issue seam fairly random.

So other than those few things I am very happy. The mobile internet is really worth the hefty price, and as an Apple fan boy the iPhone is a welcome addition to my tech collection. Now I just am not sure what to do with my iPod.