iPhone Nano Fourth Quarter?

Several Mac rumor sites, and several plain old news site have been speculating on the possible release of a cheaper version of the Apple iPhone, dubbed the iPhone Nano. JP Morgan analyst Kevin Chang is responsible for this latest rumor, citing some recent U.S. patent files as proof. While with most Apple rumors only time will reveal what Apple is actually working on.

But since Geeky Mac is a blog, we get to add our opinion. A iPhone Nano, fourth quarter, yea right. Apple has way to many other projects before it reveals a new phone. The Macs and Leopard are a known priority for October. And the iPods now need a desperate update before the holidays. Besides, the iPhone still needs some updates and added features, that Apple is probably scrambling to get out. While an iPhone Nano may not be out of the picture entirely, it will probably be a lot further away than fourth quarter.