To get a iPhone 3G or Not?

It’s no secret that the iPhone 3G is packed full of features. But the questions remains is it worth it?

Well, if you don’t already have an iPhone the time seams perfect. But will it see another price drop. Chances are the $199 price will stay for a while. Especially after rumors that it costs Apple $173 to make the phone.

What if you already have an iPhone, is is time to upgrade. I would say no. Unless you are in dire need of some of the new features what is the point. Sure GPS is nice, but the older version can still get you close. 3G internet speed are exciting, but if you’re like me, your iPhone has wifi access most of the time anyway. Frankly unless I’m traveling, I hardly every use EDGE. And with the version 2 firmware the old iPhone will seam like new.

Frankly the only new feature that would make the purchase of a new iPhone worth is would be the better audio features that were mentioned. And we haven’t even seen how they’ve been improved yet.

So while the new iPhone seams exciting, and will bring lots of new users to the iPhone camp, I would say hold off a while if you’ve already got one and maybe just hold tight for rev 3.