Apple Releases Pro Applications Update 2008-02

Pro Applications Update Release Notes

Pro Applications Updates improve reliability for Apple’s professional applications and are recommended for all users of Final Cut Studio, Final Cut Server, and Logic Studio.

Pro Applications Update 2008-02 Release Notes
Update 2008-02 addresses installation issues, compatibility updates, and general performance issues and improves overall stability.

Applications included in the update:

Final Cut Pro 6.0.4
Compressor 3.0.3
Final Cut Pro 6.0.4 Release Notes
This section contains release information about Final Cut Pro 6.0.4.

Enhanced Final Cut Server Support
Final Cut Pro 6.0.4 has been enhanced to support the latest updates to Final Cut Server. If you are using Final Cut Server 1.1, the server can directly find, access, process, and track Final Cut Pro 6.0.4 projects and media files without converting them to XML files. This enhancement increases the reliability and efficiency of client and server access.

Changes to XDCAM HD422 Sequence Presets
Because XDCAM HD422 devices always record audio at a bit depth of 24 bits, the XDCAM HD422 sequence presets have been updated to include default audio bit depth settings at 24 bits.

Update to Capturing HDV Clips
Updating your computer to use QuickTime 7.5 fixes a small issue when capturing HDV clips. When you use Capture Now to capture HDV clips and the capture runs beyond the end of the data on your tape, you can now stop the capture process by pressing the Esc key (Escape).

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Pro Applications Update 2008-01 Release Notes
Update 2008-01 is a revision to Final Cut Studio 2.0 focused on new camera support. This update includes Final Cut Pro 6.0.3, Compressor 3.0.3, Apple HDV Codec 1.4, PluginManager 1.7.3, and a cumulative update of shared technology components from Pro Applications Update 2007-01 forward.

Final Cut Pro 6.0.3 Release Notes
This section contains release information about Final Cut Pro 6.0.3.

Mac OS X v10.5 Leopard Support
Final Cut Pro 6.0.3 is compatible with Mac OS X v10.4.11 and Mac OS X v10.5.2 Leopard.

Sony XDCAM HD422 Support
Final Cut Pro 6.0.3 supports editing media in the XDCAM HD422 format. You can now choose the following XDCAM HD422 Easy Setups:

XDCAM HD422 1080i50 CBR
XDCAM HD422 1080i60 CBR
XDCAM HD422 1080p24 CBR
XDCAM HD422 1080p25 CBR
XDCAM HD422 1080p30 CBR
XDCAM HD422 720p50 CBR
XDCAM HD422 720p60 CBR
For more information about XDCAM HD422 format support, open Final Cut Pro and choose Help > HD and Broadcast Formats.

Issue When Opening Projects Resolved
When opening some projects, Final Cut Pro 6.0.2 would sometimes erroneously display a message warning that the project was unreadable or too new for that version of Final Cut Pro. This issue has been resolved in Final Cut Pro 6.0.3. For more information, see the article on the AppleCare website at

Exporting Stills with the Correct Aspect Ratio
When using Final Cut Pro 6.0.2 to export video to formats compatible with Apple TV, iPhone, or iPod devices, the video was scaled to the correct aspect ratio. However, exported still images were also scaled, leading to a loss in quality. When using QuickTime conversion in Final Cut Pro 6.0.3, still images are exported at their native aspect ratio.

Update to Issue with Aspect Ratios with Stacked Filters
When using multiple filters in a mixed-format sequence, Final Cut Pro now correctly uses the aspect ratio of the individual clip and not that of the overall sequence.

Reconnecting Files with Slashes in the Filename
When performing an XML import in previous versions of Final Cut Pro, you could not reconnect offline files that contained slashes (/) in the filename. Final Cut Pro can now reconnect offline files that have slashes in their filenames.

About Using Animated Generator Clips in Clip Wells
You can place generator clips in FXScript filter clip wells. Some FXScript filters read only the first frame of the generator clip, whereas others read multiple frames from the clip. For example, the FXScript filters Bumpmap, Gradient Wipe, and Page Peel use only the first frame of a generator clip placed in their clip wells. If you have animated a text generator clip, making the text move, and you place the clip in an FXScript filter clip well, the text appears animated or not depending on which FXScript filter you’ve chosen. If you put an animated clip in the clip wells of Bumpmap, Gradient Wipe, or Page Peel filters, which only access the first frame of a clip, the text generator clip doesn’t appear animated.

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Compressor 3.0.3 Release Notes
This section contains release information about Compressor 3.0.3.

Anamorphic Pixel Options for Apple TV
Compressor now includes options to create media files for Apple TV with anamorphic (non-square) pixel aspect ratios. The pixels are scaled by Apple TV to fit the intended aspect ratio during playback. In Compressor 3.0.3, an additional item appears in the Device pop-up menu of the H.264 for Apple Devices Encoder pane:

Apple TV SD (Anamorphic)

You can choose this option to create an output media file with an anamorphic (non-square) pixel aspect ratio. The choice you make in the Device pop-up menu determines the set of possible options in the subsequent Aspect Ratio pop-up menu.

To create Apple TV media files with anamorphic (non-square) pixel aspect ratios:
Apply an Apple TV setting to a job in the Batch window.
Select the target in the Batch window.
In the Inspector, open the H.264 for Apple Devices Encoder pane.
In the Device pop-up menu, choose Apple TV SD (Anamorphic). The setting in the Aspect Ratio pop-up menu is selected automatically.
Note: For the best results, it is recommended that you use the automatic mode for this Aspect Ratio setting. The automatic mode for the Aspect Ratio setting has a wider range of values to better match the source video (with the values determined and displayed when this output format is applied to a source media file).

Optionally, you can manually choose a specific frame aspect ratio/pixel dimension combination by doing the following:
Disable the automatic mode for the Aspect Ratio setting by clicking the Automatic button.
Choose a frame aspect ratio/pixel dimension combination from the Aspect Ratio pop-up menu.
Note: In some cases, the frame aspect ratios will be different, though the pixel dimensions are the same. This is because the pixel aspect ratios differ.

For more information about using the H.264 for Apple Devices Encoder pane, see the Compressor User Manual.

Dolby Digital Professional AC-3 Audio for Apple TV Output
In Compressor 3.0.3, the H.264 for Apple Devices Encoder pane has a checkbox that allows you to include Dolby Digital Professional (AC-3) tracks (with 5.1-channel surround sound) in output media files intended for Apple TV playback.

Important: The checkbox is available only on computers that have Mac OS X v10.5 Leopard.

To include Dolby Digital Professional (AC-3) tracks in Apple TV output media files:
Apply an Apple Devices setting to a job in the Batch window.
Select the target in the Batch window.
In the Inspector, open the H.264 for Apple Devices Encoder pane.
In the Device pop-up menu, choose an Apple TV option. As long as your computer has Mac OS X v10.5 Leopard installed, a checkbox named Include Dolby 5.1 will appear at the bottom of the pane.
Select the Include Dolby 5.1 checkbox.
The output media file will include a Dolby Digital Professional (AC-3) track in addition to the default AAC audio track. The Dolby Digital Professional track will have 5.1-channel surround sound (five discrete channels plus a sixth channel for low-frequency effects).

Note: The contents of the Dolby Digital Professional (AC-3) track are dependent on the contents of the source media file. For example, if the source media file has stereo audio, the AC-3 track will contain the Left and Right channels from the source file, plus four silent channels.

For more information about creating output media files containing Dolby Digital Professional (AC-3) audio, see the Compressor User Manual.

Important: To test the Dolby Digital Professional (AC-3) track, you must play the output media file on an Apple TV that is connected (via optical cable) to a Dolby decoding sound system. In any other configuration, Apple TV will play the stereo AAC audio track.

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Apple HDV Codec 1.4
This release of Apple HDV Codec provides XDCAM HD422 support in Final Cut Pro.

PluginManager 1.7.3
This release of PluginManager is a one-off fix for a backward-compatibility issue in which 1.7.x breaks temporal FxPlug plug-ins in Final Cut Pro 5.1.4. PluginManager is responsible for controlling the filters (both Apple and third-party) used by Final Cut Pro, Motion, and Aperture and is included in Logic Studio and the SDKs for Aperture and FxPlug. This update will be triggered by the presence of PluginManager on the system (as opposed to specific applications) in an effort to remove the older version of PluginManager. This update will replace all instances of PluginManager 1.7.x (and supporting frameworks) with the new version of PluginManager (1.7.3). Systems with PluginManager 1.6.x will not be offered this update because the issue exists only in the 1.7.x versions of PluginManager.