NBC & Apple: Just Get Along!

WARNING: The following rant may contain explicit content, reader discretion is advised.

So if you haven’t heard, NBC is going to stop selling its video content on the iTunes store. What!?

Apple claims that it is becuase NBC wan’t to double the price of TV shows form $1.99 two $4.99. NBC says that is not the case. They want flexibility and concrete steps to prevent piracy.

I say up yours NBC!

Apple may be stubborn with there pricing, but it is working. And like hell if I am going to pay five dollars for a lousy TV show that I can get for free, in HD mind you, as soon at it comes out. All I have to do is push the record button twice on my DVD and I am good for the whole season.

And if NBC wants Apple to prevent all so-called illegal content from getting on the iPod, well then FUCK YOU NBC! Who the hell do you think you are? If people want to watch your content that is a good thing. The world is changing and traditional adverting may not be working. It is time to think of other ways to monazite your content.

Right now, where we are, there are two different types of ways to watch media. Traditionally and the new fad, mobile or online. Here’s the deal. Traditional television watching is not going anywhere. It is a for of relaxation, and the bigger the screen, the better the quality, the more enjoyable the experience is. Transversely, viewing something on the computer or an iPod is convenient, but the experience is not the same. I will watch a quick bite on the internet, or use my iPod when traveling. But I will never give up the HD TV for my favorite shows.

What NBC needs to get, is that the two methods are getting closer and closer everyday. The Apple TV and other similar devices are bridging the gap. The content is almost there with iTunes, we just need HD and things are sitting pretty. But it is going to be years for all of this stuff to work itself out. Television is a very important medium that will not easily be changed. But other options are good.

What Apple needs to get, is that the price of the shows are already too high. While the average person would probably save money buying only the shows that they watch from iTunes, over cable. But cable is not going anywhere. Apple should look into a movie rental, and even a TV show rental service. Still allow the consumer to buy the show, but let us rent the show. I know I am not going to watch most shows twice.

But even with all that said, it looks like there is no clear solution. But lets look at things with the possibility change. Hey NBC, didn’t iTunes save the Office? How much money did that end up making you in the end?