Final Cut Pro Tip #023

Final Cut Pro Tip #023 – Moving Clips Numerically

An easy way to quickly move a clip or the playhead, in the timeline, is to do so numerically.

To move the playhead, make sure that no clips are selected, that the timeline window is active. Then type in the desired number. The number can be a specific timecode value or a frame value. For example to move the playhead forward 15 frames simply type 15 or +15, backwards -15, or 01… to move the playhead to 01:00:00:00 (where . equals 00, but you can also type 01000000).

To move a clip, simply select it in the timeline and type in a numeric value, the same as above. The clip will move unless it collides with another clip. You’ll have to adjust to compensate for the edit if this happens. If a clip is selected a timecode value will not move the clips position, this will only work when trying to move the playhead.