AJA Releases New Drivers for the Kona

Here are the details:

Available immediately is a new version 3.1 of our KONA driver. New features and fixes are:

All KONAs (KONA LS/LSe, LH/LHe, KONA 3, and KONA 2)

– Added Limiter functionality to the KONA Control Panel’s Setup pane. When Limiter is enabled, video values will be limited to legal broadcast values for luminanace and chrominance.

– The DPX to QT and QT to DPX translater applications are now Universal
Binaries and are placed in the AJA Kona Utilities folder on your Hard Drive during KONA software installation.

– Fixed KONA LH/LHe audio popping that occurred when switching bitfiles.

– The KONA board can be placed in any Mac Pro PCIe slot with x4 or more lanes.

– The 2GB memory limit for the KONA board has been removed.


New System Requirements: with this v3.1 KONA release, software system requirements have changed. Your KONA system must have Mac OSX 10.4 or later, QuickTime 7.1 or later, and Final Cut Pro 5.1 or later.

Important Note: Mac Pro computers must have the following firmware update for proper operation with all KONA cards. To obtain the update, go to the URL below and follow the instructions found there:


As of Version 3, AJA provides separate installers for each board that only install the board-specific driver for a given KONA board. Please ensure that you use the correct installer for the KONA model present in your system. If you install the wrong software, the KONA Control Panel will report “no board” due to incorrect driver installation.

Also, if you should ever wish to regress to an earlier version of software, you will have to perform the following steps to ensure proper operation. Do not try to simply run an older KONA installer over a newer version—doing so will not properly remove the newer components and will lead to improper operation.