Final Cut Pro Tip #019

Final Cut Pro Tip #019 – Paste Attributes

Paste Attributes is a very handy and simple tool. When working with multiple attributes on any clip it allows you to paste all of them to other clips. This works with both Audio and Video attributes.

NOTE: There are several ways to access the Paste Attributes dialog, I will only mention the default keyboard shortcut. See your FCP documentation for other methods.

Once you have the attributes applied to a clip simply select the clip an use a copy command (command c). To paste the attributes select the clips that you want to paste the attributes to. Use the Paste Attributes command (option V, not command v like a normal paste). The Paste Attributes dialog will appear. You can select the specific items that you would like to paste to the selected clips.

You may notice that at the top of the dialog there is a Scale Attribute Times check box. This refers any keyframes that you might have on original clip. If you select this, the keyframes will be adjusted to match the new durations of the clips that you are pasting the attributes to.

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