Final Cut Pro Tip #018

Final Cut Pro Tip #018 – Replace Edit

The Replace Edit feature in Final Cut Pro, is one of my favorites. Part of the reason for this is that it is so versatile and quick to use. While it is not necessarily a tool that can be used constantly it is great to have when you do need it.

A Replace Edit does just that, it replaces what is in your timeline. It uses a few settings to preform the edit; the selected video track, the playhead position of the incoming clip, and the play head position on the timeline. The edit will replace the footage that is on the timeline, matching both playhead positions.

The cool thing is that it will keep any transitions that you have already applied on the timeline. But effects applied to the clips, on the timeline, do not stay.

So use the Replace Edit feature to quickly replace a shot that you have previously edited into the timeline, keeping transitions. You can also use it to easily match an audio cue, by simply matching the playheads. Or just use it as an alternative to the Overwrite Edit, so you don’t have to set in and out points.