Using MXF in FCP X 10.0.6

The 10.0.6 release of Final Cut Pro X brought a slew of improvements and new features. One of the most notable is support for native MXF support. MXF is a media wrapper that is used amounts many professional video manufacturers. You would think this is big news, but unfortunately it’s up to the manufacturers to provide plug-ins to actually make this work.

You can now import and export MXF files using third-party plug-ins. For a list of supported media files, see Supported media formats.

Canon, has recently made strides into digital cinema market. However, they keep missing the big picture. The 5D Mark II & III are remarkable devices, but lack pro video features needed for many productions. Then they released the C 300, adding the DSL style with pro video features. Ironically it only recorded 8bit HD footage. Okay for most, but missing the digital cinema market the 5D was known for. Canon, WTF where you thinking. Then out comes the C 500, 4K with support for the Mac via AJA. Wow just we we wanted. Well, maybe, but it’s not out yet. And considering Canon can’t even get their current cameras to work with FCP X. Forget it, there are many more choice out there. Canon you missed the boat again, I’ve lost all faith in you and will no longer consider your cameras.