The Supraflux Video Camera Stabilizer

Super smooth footage and complete control of your camera with the electronic pan axis lock

Cambridge, MA, March 19, 2013. Amateur and professional filmmakers now have a new option for shooting professional-looking footage with the Supraflux stabilizer, a new video camera stabilizer that allows for easy panning and turns. Following 8 months of product development, Cambridge, MA based Supraflux is launching the first camera stabilizer to feature the Brake camera control system. This unique feature makes the Supraflux stabilizer the only camera stabilizer to offer such reliable, repeatable and precise control during panning and turns, effectively solving the problem of destabilization during direction changes. The Supraflux stabilizer launches on Kickstarter March 20, 2013.

The Supraflux stabilizer combines many of the essential features of a professional-level camera stabilizer, such as frictionless ball bearings and precision-machined construction, resulting in a stabilizer that provides exceptionally smooth footage. The new Brake camera control system ensures such smooth footage can be achieved even during turns. The electronic system is a patent-pending device that works by locking the pan axis at the touch of a button, while maintaining the camera balance. The Supraflux stabilizer will retail at $745, but will be available for pre-order on Kickstarter for $595 with a limited number available at $495 for early backers.

The concept for this new stabilizer was developed when brothers Karim and Nadim Elgarhy started to use camera stabilizers. They came across the same problem all filmmakers eventually face, stabilizers are inherently difficult to control because they isolate the camera from any hand movements, including voluntary movements. They wanted smooth videography, the kind of floating camera footage seen in professional films while retaining control of the camera. However, the existing videography equipment used in filmmaking requires touching the stabilizer to pan or turn the camera, thereby often destabilizing it and ruining the shot. The brothers, both engineers, set out to design a stabilizer that suits amateur filmmakers’ needs and budget and can be controlled easily.

The Supraflux stabilizer also solves several other problems commonly experienced when using a stabilizer. Graduation marks on the telescopic body allow for quick tuning and a non-slip top stage surface allows for secure camera mounting preventing the camera from shifting and unbalancing during use. It is also one of the most versatile stabilizers on the market, working with a wide variety of cameras from smartphones to professional video cameras. The Supraflux stabilizer is made of aviation-grade anodized aluminum to ensure long-term durability.

Funds raised in the Kickstarter campaign will go towards a first production run and allow for bulk purchases of materials to keep the price as low as possible. The Supraflux Kickstarter campaign is at