The CalDigit VR Mini. Serious Storage. On the Go. Now Shipping!

Placentia, California, July 7, 2009 – CalDigit is excited to announce that the CalDigit VR mini is now shipping. The CalDigit VR mini is an innovative, compact and bus powered two drive RAID system, supporting a quadruple interface for easy connectivity. The CalDigit VR mini’s modular design provides two removable drive modules and an easy to read frontside LCD. With support for RAID 0, 1, and JBOD the CalDigit VR mini can reach speeds fast enough for high definition video editing. It includes easy to use software allowing for firmware updates, configuration, monitoring and even supports email notification. The CalDigit VR mini packs a ton of performance into a small package, making it a truly portable storage solution that can fit in the palm of your hand.


“The increasing demand for mobile editing has inspired us to create a product that’s not only incredibly small, but powerful. It’s hard to imagine what the CalDigit VR mini is capable of when you pick it up. The speed that this small RAID can provide is truly impressive,” said Jared Picune VP of sales and marketing for CalDigit.

The CalDigit VR mini is bus powered via FireWire, so no extra power supply is needed. When additional speed is needed use eSATA for data and FireWire for power. The CalDigit VR mini is smart enough to know which port to use, so you never need an additional power supply.

The CalDigit VR mini is only 2 inches tall and 5 inches long, small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. The CalDigit VR mini’s small size makes it easy to take wherever you go. It is the perfect solution for any mobile storage need.

Hardware RAID support for RAID 0, 1, and JBOD provides maximum flexibility. Hardware RAID provides an independent CPU and dedicated cache memory to manage the RAID volume. This dedicated process eliminates additional strain from host system’s CPU, allowing applications full access. Software RAID systems rely on the host CPU and RAM which can slow down applications by taxing the workstation’s CPU. Additionally the quadruple interface supports USB 2.0, FireWire 400, FireWire 800 and eSATA, making the CalDigit VR mini extremely versatile.

The CalDigit VR mini has two removable drive modules, allowing for easy replacement and expansion. The CalDigit VR mini can reach speeds that allow for the most demanding tasks, such as video editing. In fact, the CalDigit VR mini is so fast that it can play back high definition video with ease. RAID 1 provides the ultimate in protection and backup for valuable data, by mirroring data on both drives. If a drive fails all data can be restored. Used as a backup solution, the CalDigit VR mini will ensure added confidence with this data redundancy. RAID 1 provides the ultimate companion for your back up solution.

Made from quality components, the CalDigit VR mini is designed to last, and comes with CalDigit’s industry leading 1 year warranty and knowledgeable tech support. CalDigit builds and manufactures all major components used in the CalDigit VR mini and uses only quality hard drives from the leading manufactures. An advanced environmental monitor provides detailed information about temperature and hard drive health, so you are always in the know. This data is extremely important, especially when using the CalDigit VR mini in the field. This information is available through the LCD or RAID Tool software.

The sleek and sexy design is as functional as it is good looking. The all aluminum enclosure provides additional heat dissipation so no fan is needed. The mesh aluminum design matches with many of today’s popular workstations and the orange back lit LCD is easy on the eyes. The CalDigit VR mini is designed with an all aluminum enclosure to assist with heat dissipation. Heat can cause damage to hard drives, and fans can add unwanted noise. The CalDigit VR mini takes advantage of the latest technology, ensuring both a cool and quiet experience.

The CalDigit VR mini comes with advanced software called RAID Tool that provides easy management, monitoring, diagnostic reports, email notifications, and firmware update capabilities. This provides users with interactive assurance. RAID Tool is the command center for the CalDigit VR mini. The easy to read orange back lit LCD provides valuable data and added confidence that’s just a glance away. Additionally LED status lights provide a visual representation of the CalDigit VR mini’s operation. As if that’s not enough, an audible alert can also be set.

CalDigit VR mini Features

  • Portable Bus Powered Design – Removable 2.5″ Drive Modules, All Aluminum Enclosure
  • Quadruple Interface – eSATA, FireWire 800, FireWire 400, and USB 2.0
  • LCD Display – Hard Drive Status, Capacity, RAID Level, Temperature, Serial Numbers
  • Configurable RAID Modes – 0, 1, JBOD Set by LCD or Interactive Software
  • Interactive Software Provides – Password Protection, Error/Event Log, Firmware Update, RAID Configuration, Turbo Mode, Nickname Feature
  • Price
    The CalDigit VR mini is available through CalDigit’s vast reseller network, and you’ll also be able to order though the CalDigit online store. MSRP for the 1TB CalDigit VR mini is only $699.

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    CalDigit has been dedicated to the content creation industry for over ten years. Every product is exclusively designed with the users’ requirement in mind. CalDigit has a team of world-class software and hardware engineers. Closely bonded, the CalDigit team works to develop the best RAID software and hardware in the industry. CalDigit is the one source for Video Editors, Photographers, and Musicians. CalDigit offers users a secure, practical, and a sleek modular design, which provides users with advanced replacement and true single vendor support. CalDigit is your complete RAID solution choice, at an affordable price. Corporate headquarters are located in Northern Orange County, California, where all products are tested and assembled.