Not All Ivy Bridge Processors Delayed?

Reports had surfaced that Intel will be delaying the shipment of Ivy Bridge processors until after June. Ivy Bridge was originally slated to ship in April and be the next class of processor to be used in the Mac line. However it looks like only the mobile of Ivy Bridge will be delayed.

A report from VR-Zone reports that only the Ivy Bridge mobile processors are slated to be delayed.

Remember that article from the other day that made some people panic as Intel might’ve delayed Ivy Bridge to June? Well, there’s no need to be worried if you’re planning on getting a new desktop system, as none of the desktop parts that were originally meant to launch have been delayed and on the mobile side, only the dual core models have been pushed back.

Ivy Bridge will support both Thunderbolt and USB 3.0 technology, however it’s unclear if Apple will adopt USB 3.0 even if the technology is present. These processors are also the next likely candidate for a new Mac Pro, if the line is continued.