New Xserve RAID with SATA?

AppleInsider has come across what appears to be a prototype of a brand new SATA based Xserve RAID.

What you see below looks like a run-of-the-mill Xserve RAID, though first appearances can sometimes be deceiving. The only noticeable change to the face of the unit is the presence of 6 fibre channel activity lights instead of two. However, a quick peep inside confirms the mounting suspicion. Apple has yet to commission the release of this puppy, which according to some internal stamping is dubbed “Q57.”  A label on the unit refers to the hardware configuration as: ‘512MB/1000GB 4DRIVE/2GB FC’.

Several notable changes have been made, but the overall look of the RAID remains the same.  For more information and some great images check out the entire article at AppleInsider.