NEW AJA KONA v5.1 software available now

Available today at the Support section of the AJA website is the new version 5.1 software for the KONA lineup (as well as new software for Io HD. New features and fixes include:

*KONA Resolved Issues and Improvements*

– Edit to tape frame accuracy improved in all interlaced formats (all KONA).
– Improvements to RS422 machine control while doing edit-to-tape and video captures (all KONA).
– Improved 10-bit RGB display operation in Motion and After Effects (all KONA).
– Fixed a problem where After Effects could crash or hang when launched while the video card was in desktop mode (all KONA).
– Custom test patterns now properly reset when the Mac switches back to default mode (all KONA).
– Saving KONA Control Panel presets no longer requires Administrator privileges. (all KONA).
– Fixed a problem that could cause the KONA board to get out of sync when switching between Final Cut and Motion (all KONA).

NOTE: There is important configuration and installation information contained in the READ-ME for both the KONA and Io HD software releases, so please be sure to read it completely.

The new v5.1 KONA and Io HD software is further proof of our commitment to build value and refinement into our Desktop products, the industry’s best. KONA and Io HD offer professional features not found anywhere else, and our products are the most reliable and best supported solutions for any type of post-production work!

KONA v5.1 and Io HD v5.1 software can be found here: