More and More iPhone Rumors and Speculation

Over the last several days there has been an enormous amount of stories about the alleged Apple iPhone. And if you have not seen the Diggnation podcast where Kevin Rose talks about the iPhone, check it out here.

Here is a summary of iPhone stories.


For several years now, an elite squad of engineers at Apple Computer have been working diligently to perfect an intuitive smart phone concept that would both conform to the company’s integrated model and oblige chief executive Steve Jobs.

Seeking Alpha

Apple Computer continues to say nothing about its cell phone plans, but news about the much discussed iPhone continues to leak. This morning, Prudential’s Jesse Tortora asserted that “the production ramp has already begun” in small quantities for an Apple slim phone to be available for sale late in the first quarter of next year, or early in the second quarter. Tortora expects a smartphone to follow 1-2 quarters later, “likely” in the third quarter.

The Mac Observer

Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster told investors on Tuesday that it’s “almost certain” that Apple will begin production on the iPhone in the next tow to six months. Even though several other companies have beat Apple to market with MP3 player/cell phone combos, the timing is likely to pay off for the iPod maker, according to Forbes.


Analysts are continuing to weigh in on the circulating rumors about Apple.