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6f2c5478cb3c11e3920f0002c9c942ac_8You’re out there pedaling for hours at a time, working your ass off.  You’ve earned some bragging rights! There are a handful of apps out there that can help you accomplish this. Map my Ride has been around for a while and has continued to add new features over the years. It’s my personal go to cycle computer and I’ll dive into why.

If you’re like me, you want to record some basic data every time you’re on a ride. You also want to listen to some good tunes, and of corse you want to have your phone out there with you for emergencies.  This is where Map my Ride for iOS excels. You’ll get the combination of all these things. And of course the best part is you can share this data with your friends and either annoy the hell out of them, or motivate them to get off the couch.

2014-04-23 13.46.44Map my Ride is easy to use, just launch the app and you’re ready to start recording.  You can go though and ender some specific details the first time you use the app.  This will help calculate some of the more advanced features. But to get started you can just click record and go.

The data that gets recorded if from the phones GPS system.  You get total distance, elevation and speed. These are displayed in various graphs that you can scroll through and compare.

Map my ride runs in the background and can connect to your music so you can listen to your favorite tunes while out on your ride.  It also provides some audible feedback, giving you an update on different stats that you find important.  It’s fully customizable.

When you are finished with a ride, Map my ride syncs back with their server, so you can also view your stats on their site.  There are some social aspects of the site that are fun.  You can compare yourself to other riders through out various courses.

If you are a data junkie like me, you can add external sensors via blue tooth to get extra data, from cadence to power and even heart rate.  This is a great way to analyze your rides.  In my experience, this feature is not working properly, and I’ll explain more latter on.

2014-04-23 13.47.16One feature of Map my Ride that I really like is the ability to resume a workout.  While I’ve only had the app crash with external sensors connected, if the app does crash you are able to resume your workout reducing missing data.  Assuming you are aware the app crashed.  I will say the major flaw with this application (and this might be an iOS thing) is that is very unstable when external blue tooth sensors are connected.  I’ve actually stopped using them all together as I cannot rely on the app to work without crashing.

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