June – The Month of Apple

With the WWDC announcements made, and the release of the Apple iPhone on June 29th, it looks as though the month of June could be the month of Apple.  While the stock price has fluctuated greatly over the last week, it is clear that Apple in on the minds of consumers.  Does this mean the iPhone will be a success?  It is hard to gate at this early date, but practically everyone knows what it is.

Leopard, looks promising, however slightly disappointing. Last year Steve hinted at several secrets that were not yet to be announced, as it looks as though many of these are insignificant or not really surprises at all. While Leopard will be a welcome and rather powerful operating system come October, lets just hope that maybe there will be a few more surprises before then.

So when June concludes, the iPhone will be in the hands of millions of americans, and Leopard will be only months away.