iPhone or No iPhone at Macworld?

The last several days have brought about several conflicting stories and rumors relating to the availability of the infamous Apple iPhone at Macworld.  While it is still truly anyones guess at what will really happen, here is a summary of the buzz.

A story form theage.com.au, points out that the big announcement at Macworld may be the iTV, a product that Apple has already announced.  They also mention that several rumors point to manufacturing of the iPhone starting in 2007, but it could be latter before they actually hit store shelfs.

However, there are conflicting reports from Bloggingstocks, that the iPhone may hit stores on January 15, just after Macworld.

Bloggingstocks has just received an interesting tip that the Apple iPhone will have a January 15 release date. Apple’s Macworld Expo runs from January 9 -12, and the money is on Apple to announce at Macworld that the iPhone exists and will ship at some future date. This tip alleges that iPhone’s release date (the shipping and purchasing date) will be just days after Macworld Expo.

But with just a little under a month until we find out what Steve Jobs will reveal at Macworld, the anticipation will continue to grow.