iPhone 2.0 Firmware – Geeky Mac Impressions

It’s only a little over a year since the original iPhone had been released, and there is no doubt that it has truly transformed the mobile phone world. The iPhone is not for everyone, and it still needs many new features. But at the end of the day the iPhone 2.0 firmware is a major improvement.

So Apple is doing a lot of things right and a lot of things wrong. We’ve gotten a lot more features and the ability to add third party applications means endless possibilities. But at the end of the day I think that Apple has hurt themselves by sticking with AT&T. Frankly there is really no other choice in the US. They have to make a GSM phone because that is the world wide standard. AT&T is the largest and most capable network in the states, it just makes sense. The thing is, the consumer doesn’t understand that. Lets face it Apples customers are willing to spend a lot more money for the extra touch Apple adds to it’s products. These are the customers who will be world wide travelers, customers who spend money, who do things. The cellphone users who are not going to buy the iPhone because of the network or cost, are never going to be convinced. If they had an option of carriers they might choose the iPhone. Until then I think the iPhone will only be for the so-called elite phone users. That is okay with me, Apple and AT&T. But it does mean that everyone else is missing out on a great experience.

I’m currently disappointed with the available third party apps. I have found very few that are appealing, and it seams that most require an internet connection. I want something I can do on the airplane, besides poker. And I’m sorry and fun as Super Monkey Ball might look, I’m just not going to play it in public.

Push is awesome, and works mostly as expected. This is something that will make a big difference in the way I use my iPhone.

I want some new features though. Copy and paste would be nice, but not a must in my book. I want video, and streaming video would be awesome. I don’t even care if it can only be done over wi-fi. I also want some basic stuff, like the ability so see how long I talked with someone, this should be easy.

I think that there is a lot more coming our way and the iPhone is not done surprising us. Apple and third party developers have to hurry though before others start to catch up.