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ScribeMedia (CalDigit – HDElement)
By cmarston in Scribe Gear
The HDElement is expandable. The CalDigit RAID Card¡¦s multiple external ports allows you to connect up to three HDElements, or twelve individual drives, adding to a total storage capacity of up to 12TB. That¡¦s a lot of space! You also have the flexibility to configure the RAID on different RAID levels for various workflows and projects. The 4-drive box I believe is sold preconfigured in a RAID 5 configuration, which, by spreading and replicating data across three or more drives safeguards the loss of data against the failure of any one drive, but this can be changed accordingly to the demands of the user. Here is where the RAID Shield Client GUI (graphical user interface) comes in handy. You can monitor your system, do performance checks, check hard drives, fan, temperature, power supply, configure RAID array, etc. all in an easy and accessible fashion… Read More

David Roth Weiss (Creative Cow Reviews: HDOne)
By David Roth Weiss
The CalDigit HDOne rates an easy 5-Cows. Take it from me, you really can’t go wrong with an HDOne — if you’re looking for peace of mind in a box, CalDigit has just the ticket for you.

I particularly like what CalDigit offers because it’s so obvious they’ve taken the time to think everything through, down to the tiniest details. Everything CalDigit does has a fit and polish that exudes confidence. Their packaging, their marketing materials, their website, their competent and willing support, the striking exterior finish and the modular inner-workings of their equipment, are all beautifully designed with a single purpose; to take all of the headaches out of video storage. Their RAID storage systems promise ease of use and substantial levels of security, without sacrificing too much storage space, too much speed, or too much hard earned cash.
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