Glue Tools Releases Cineon/DPX PRO v2.0.4 QuickTime Components

(Creative Cow – Santa Barbara, CA — November 18, 2006) GLUE TOOLS announces version 2.0.4 of its Cineon/DPX PRO QuickTime Components for MacOSX. This New Release Includes Improved 64-bit Pixel Support, Spotlight Improvements, and Speed and Memory Optimizations.

The Cineon and DPX PRO QuickTime components, currently available for QuickTime 7.1, have now been optimized to increase performance. This new release fixes problems with QuickTime and 64bit pixel support during Movie Exports. Version 2.0.4 also includes significantly faster Spotlight indexing, and a nearly instantaneous Cineon/DPX directory parsing ability. These improvements now makes Finder the ideal tool for searching and viewing thumbnails of large Cineon or DPX sequences. 64-bit File sizes are now supported, allowing sequences over 4 Gigabytes to be loaded and saved, as well.

Users have found that the Cineon & DPX components have been an ideal tool for all sorts of small but tedious tasks. One user has been able to use the DPX components to easily convert 24FPS scans into 23.97 DVCPRO HD movies, while overlaying a 29.97 TimeCode track, to sync with Avid edits. A side benefit is the ability to view the images converted using the LOG/LIN functions built into the components.

As with the previous versions of the Cineon/DPX Components, this new release supports 8 and 16-bit linear image data, as well as 10-bit Logarithmic, Raw and Linear image data.

The latest version Cineon DPX QuickTime Components are available for only $89 USD. This is an upgradable package for existing license holders. Please contact us for details. For more information, visit:

The Cineon and DPX digital film file formats are feature film industry standards for visual effects production. DPX files are also used extensively for High Definition production, in the broadcast television industry.

About Glue Tools:
Glue Tools is a software company based in Santa Barbara, California. Its products range from QuickTime Components, to other “Glue Code” applications that add functionality to existing Operating Systems or Software Packages. Glue Tools focuses on creating essential utilities and developing plugins for existing software technologies.