Final Cut Pro Tip #020

Final Cut Pro Tip #020 – Remove Attributes

Remove Attributes is a quick way to quickly remove multiple attributes to one or more clips in FCP.

To use the Remove Attributes feature simply select the clip or clips that you want to effect. Right click and select Remove Attributes from the contextual menu. The Remove Attributes dialog will appear. Select the attributes that you would like to remove. Be careful as, they may be selected by default. Nothing will happen if you deselect the items.

Once catch is, if you have multiple clips and would like to remove only one of several attributes, the Remove Attributes command will remove all of any selected attribute. The work around, assuming that you will be using the same attributes for all selected clips, is to work in 3 steps. First remove the attribute from only one clip. Second remove all of the specific attributes from the remainder of the clips that you want to work with. And finally, copy and paste the attributes from the first clip to the rest of the clips. Now all of the clips should have the same attributes.