Final Cut Pro Tip #009

Final Cut Pro Tip #009 – Restore Favorite Effects

Apple has done a good job, of letting us save our personal settings. We can save keyboard layouts, button bars, and even window layouts. Unfortunately, there is no easy way to save our favorite effects. This may not be much of an issue if you use FCP Rescue because these settings are saved in the preference file (for more about FCP Rescue see Final Cut Pro Tip #008).

What if you want to take you settings to another FCP system? Or what if your saved preferences somehow disappear. Well have no fear, you can save them in an FCP Project file. Just create a new project file and save it with a name like “Saved FX”. The the browser window select the effects tab, you should see a favorites folder. This folder contains all of you favorite effects. Simply select all the favorite effects here and copy them. Now click on the “Saved FX” tab or whatever you title the project, and paste the effects there. Now save the project file. And there you have it, and back up of your favorite effects. To restore the effects, just do the opposite. Copy the effects from the project tab in the browser window, and paste them into the favorites folder in the effects tab. It is that simple.

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