Final Cut Pro Tip #006

Final Cut Pro Tip #006 – Get content off of a DVD

While there are many ways to get content off of a DVD my favorite is to use MPEG Stream Clip from Squared 5 to extract the content. This software is one of the most useful tools that I have used in a long time. It can extract the MPEG files or convert to QuickTime, and best of all if will convert PAL DVD to an NTSC video. This is a true dream for me as I get a lot of DVD content from one of my corporate clients in Portugal. It truly works like a dream.

The MPEG Stream Clip site has a lot of really good documentation, so be sure to read it. There are several different ways to demux, and you want to be sure to use the method that is going to fit your needs. Also be sure to check out the users guide, (you can find it in the MPEG Steam Clip Help menu within the app) it provides a rather in-depth explanation of the software. In most cases you can use the Demux unscaled setting for use with FCP as MEPG 2, and just a regular Demux (or Demux to Headed) for DVD Studio Pro. But be careful with the Headed file as it may cause DVDSP or QT to crash if you try to play it, refer to the users guide for more info on that. But it is a great time saver as you do not need to re-encode the video to burn another DVD. However, for FCP I would almost always recommend converting to a QT movie. Don’t worry though the MPEG Stream Clip is fast and it is a Universal Binary, and it is available for both OS X and Windoze. It is a free download, and a must for any FCP Editor

Use this link to download MPEG Stream Clip

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