FCP Tutorial Site

Hi, fellow editors. I’m James Weber, a freelance editor here in Denver. I’ve been working on a site that I think will interest quite a few of you. It’s http://www.FCPtutorials.com, and it’s kind of like Digg, but specializes in Final Cut tips and how-tos from other sites around the web.

When I learned Photoshop, I did a tutorial a day for awhile, all from a site that pooled tutorials from around the web. I haven’t been able to find the same thing for Final Cut, so I thought I’d make one.

I’m still working on finding tutorials (and there are some real gems that I would never have found if not for my hunt), and posting them on the site. There will be at least 1 new tutorial posted every day unti at leastl January 1, and the site is far from being fully populated. The goal is to “catch up” to the tutorials being posted, so all the best tutorials can be found through one site.

It would help immensely if you would take a look at the site at http://www.FCPtutorials.com, kick the tires, rate some tutorials, submit some new ones, and let me know what you think at admin@fcptutorials.com.

Thanks, and I hope you can find something useful on the site.