Cutting the Cable – Part 2

It’s been a while since I talked about cutting the cable. Well the fall prime time season has started, so I thought it was time for an update on how the TV viewing has been going.

So far I have not missed a show, and I’ve been enjoying my new methods of acquisition. Will minimal effort I’m able to stay on top of all the shows I want to follow and even had the time to check out some new shows I want to try to get into.

Shows off of Cable
There were only a handful of shows on cable that I watched on a regular basis. I’ve been able to easily keep up to date using iTunes and purchasing the shows as they are released. I’ve been luck as some of them have had a season pass saving me some money and making remembering to download the shows effortless. The cost has also been relatively low. Paying less than $30 a month compared to the $120 I was paying to have cable.

Off the Air
Getting shows off the air has been easy too, but there are some small catches. One my computer has to be on, which is not a big deal at all, but something that took some getting used to. Also using the EyeTV software I’m only able to record one show at a time. This is problematic as most shows that I enjoy are aired the same time as other shows that I enjoy. The solution to this situation is iTunes or bit torrent. Yes, that is right I said bit torrent. Ethically how do I feel about this, we’ll considering the content can be watched for free without paying attention to the commercials, not bad. To be honest bit torrent is the easiest way to get content second to iTunes, but at $2.99 or even $1.99 an episode, the cost is to high to be worth while. I hope to see the price reach the $0.99 range and I think it would be more practical.


Consuming the Content
Watching TV has been easy too. I’ve always watched TV in 2 places. My living room and my bedroom. When I got rid of my two DVRs I needed replacements for content. I had an Apple TV which was setup in the living room, but I needed something for the bedroom. I thought about buying a new Mac Mini, this could also double as my EyeTV computer and could just run as a media server. I liked the idea, but the cost was too much. I got luck and was able to pickup an old Mac mini for almost nothing. The issue is it’s very old and does not even have the IR for a remote. I was able to find a iPhone app called Air Mouse that lets me use the iPhone as a trackpad and keyboard. This makes viewing a breeze. I’m able to launch Front Row with the touch of one button and I can use my Airport network to stream content from my iTunes library.


So the setup is done, and the enjoyment is in full force. There is a minimal amount of effort to keep up with each show I watch, more so than with the DVRs, but I also enjoy being involved and knowing what shows are coming up.