CalDigit Shipping 2TB Drives, Now 33% More Storage FREE!

Placentia, CA – October 19, 2009. CalDigit, the leader in storage solutions for creative professionals, is now offering support for 2TB hard drives. Previously 1.5TB drives were the maximum capacity available to users. CalDigit is now offering a 33% increase in storage at no additional cost and, lesser capacity products now have a lower price tag. In addition to the boost in capacity the new 2TB drives are extremely fast, offering a performance increase CalDigit products.


Users can now get a a CalDigit array using 1.5TB drives at the previous price of 1TB drives. Thats an amazing 33% more storage across the board at no additional charge. This incredible savings makes the CalDigit storage solutions an even greater value.

The CalDigit VR is the most advanced two drive RAID system in it’s class, and now available in capacities up to 4TB. Supporting a quadruple interface for easy connectivity, the CalDigit VR’s modular design also provides two hot swappable drive modules. It has an easy to read front LCD and includes easy to use software for configuration and monitoring. With support for RAID 0, 1, JBOD and SPAN, the CalDigit VR packs a ton of performance into a small package. The CalDigit VR starts at only $499, making it a truly affordable solution.

The HDElement is a flexible external storage solution that harnesses the power of the CalDigit RAID Card. It is now available in capacities of up to 8TB, in the same compact enclosure. The CalDigit RAID Card provides RAID 0, 1, 5, 6 and JBOD support to the HDElement, and with 3 ports up 24TB of storage can be run off a single card (up to 32TB combined with internal drives). The HDElement starts at just $1149, or $1499 with the CalDigit RAID Card.

The HDOne and HDPro provide unmatched performance as eight drive arrays. Now available in capacities up to 16TB, these powerhouses provide stunningly fast storage. With unique technologies like ASTT and advanced software like RAID Shield, the HDOne and HDPro are perfect for demanding tasks like video editing. The HDOne now starts at just $3999 and HDPro at $5999.

With support for 2TB drives and lowered prices on smaller capacities, CalDigit continues to pave the way for creative professionals. All CalDigit products are available through a vast reseller network. The CalDigit VR and HDElement are also available on the CalDigit Online Store (

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CalDigit has been dedicated to the content creation industry for over ten years. Every product is exclusively designed with the user’s requirement in mind. CalDigit has a team of world-class software and hardware engineers. Closely bonded, the CalDigit team works to develop the best RAID software and hardware in the industry. CalDigit is the one source for Video Editors, Photographers and Musicians. CalDigit offers users a secure, practical, and a sleek modular design, which provides users with advanced replacement and true single vendor support. CalDigit is your complete RAID solution choice, at an affordable price. Corporate headquarters are located in Northern Orange County, California, where all products are tested and assembled.