Sleek Design combined with the Latest Technology

Placentia, California – January 22, 2008. CalDigit, Inc., the premiere manufacturer of RAID storage solutions, announced the release of their new HDOne Hardware RAID storage unit at the recent MacWorld Expo in San Francisco this year. In the increasingly competitive RAID storage marketplace, the HDOne, with sustained speeds of 400 MB/s in RAID 5, is the low cost storage solution for digital media creators. It comes in a sleek, stand-alone tower, with 8 drive modules and 100% built-in hardware RAID capabilities. Supporting RAID Levels 0, 1, 5 6 and JBOD, this is a truly flexible unit, ideal for audio/video streaming and designed with content creators in mind.

The HDOne comes configured in RAID 5 and has been engineered for the high-bandwidth requirements of video editors. CalDigit has designed an extremely user-friendly GUI, the RAID Shield. This enables you to not only set your own RAID levels on the product, but also monitor your drives status, power supply, fans, and will notify you by e-mail if any problems occur.

CalDigit is aware businesses and content creation professionals make large investments in their computer technology and not everyone is able to upgrade to the latest computer, as quickly as they may like. With the release of their PCI-X (eLane-1x) card, users of Power Mac G4, PCI-X Power Mac G5, or a pre-XW8000 Avid HP workstation can also take advantage of the HDOne’s high performance, while still using the current computer technology they already have an investment in.

What’s more, CalDigit’s engineers recognized the limitations of the Windows 32-bit platform, which effectively limits support for hardware RAID units. This gives Windows users no other alternative but to use software RAID applications. In an industry breakthrough, CalDigit developed a solution through their chip technology. Now Windows users can utilize the HDOne hardware RAID solution without a 2TB storage limitation.

The CalDigit HDOne is surprisingly affordable at $2,299 and is also mobile. Whether you are out of the office, out of the studio, or on the road, the HDOne is portable and easily configured for use with a laptop with the CalDigit ExpressCard 34 at speeds upwards of 195 MB/s

CalDigit’s cross-platform technology is compatible with MAC OS X, Windows and Linux workstations. Their products also support a variety of software applications and have been validated by Matrox Video Group, Blackmagic Design and Media 100.