Blu-ray in Mac Pro at NAB?

blu-ray_disc.pngLoopRumors is calming that a reliable source is indicating that a new version of the Mac Pro will be released at NAB in April. While they claim this information to be cryptic, they also note that the new Mac Pro may include a built to order Blu-ray option. The rumors of the Mac Pro are probable, but the ability to add a Blu-ray drive is already a reality. Several brand currently offer drives for the Mac, however, Apple does not currently have any software support or a build to order option.

Information is coming in from a reliable source that Apple’s next Mac Pro will gain support for a high definition format. Last week, we told you that Apple was planning a redesign of the Mac Pro. The information we gathered clearly stated a Mac Pro redesign for both the internal and external components.

Today’s information confirms a rumor we brought you in July and cites the ability to burn and play high-definition format discs, although the specific format was not mentioned in this latest tidbit, we are still assuming that since Apple has its hand in the Blu-Ray technology, this optical format will be the most likely candidate. Blu-Ray discs can hold about 25 GB per layer.

The data suggests that Mac Pros will be the first to see the option for high definition discs, but we do expect Apple to transition all of its computers to the HD format as the cost comes down. Apple has all the pieces in place for this transition, such as HD editing software and the soon-to-ship HD AppleTV.

The cryptic information also points to NAB 2007 as the launch date for these new machines (and long overdue Displays). NAB runs from April 14-19, 2007. At last year’s NAB, Apple introduced the 17″ MacBook Pro.

As NAB approaches more and more rumors should appear, Apple may have a lot to offer audio/video professionals this April.

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1 Response to “Blu-ray in Mac Pro at NAB?”

  1. 1 Appel Apr 3rd, 2007 at 1:31 pm

    This will make good sence, since they (Apple) will be announcing a probably new version of final cut pro at NAB. Since they already have HD format in FCP, this would be the next logical step. I didn`t see any iLife 07 at this years Macworld expo i jan. Don`t you think that they will release a version that supports HD in iDVD together with a drive that can hold it?. I do. I will wait to get my Macbook pro till after the 19. of april.
    I just bought the ps3 and watched a blu ray movie on it on an HD screen (HDMI). SD(tv)has not been the same since and never will. It`s amazing how fast Standard Defintion becomes old. Apple knows this and will provide the prober tools needed, i think.

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